Turning Off the Daytime Running Lights
a clever solution which allows you to have both at the flick of a switch
photos by SwissArmySUV

NOTE: Daytime running lights do have a purpose and do save lives.  It is recommended to leave them on but there may be occasions that they should be off.  Use your best judgement.

Many people turn off their DRL's by removing the plug found on the drivers side front just behind the headlights. Using this method doesn't allow you to easily decide whether the lights are on or off easily.

Some clever readers have come up with some better solutions.

In this article we outline how to install a switch into the DRL circuit so you can turn the lights on or off at your discretion.



Locate the DRL relay behind the battery (shown right)

It's easier to access the DRL relay by first removing the relay box next to it.

Remove the DRL box cover and using a flat screwdriver pop the box out of it's mounting tabs.
Turn the box over and remove the tape so you can access the wires.  Locate the two blue lead wires that are connected to a single terminal.
Cut the smaller of the two wires leaving enough wire on the terminal end.  Find a suitable place to mount your switch.  Some mount a switch inside the FJ cab and some mount the switch inside the engine compartment.  It's a matter of convenience.  If you decide to mount the switch inside make sure you find a hole that uses a grommet (or make a new one) to avoid damage to the wires.
Re-tape the wire harness and attach the box back to it's original mounting location.  Test your switch operation.
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