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Off Road Checklist

Below is a check list I have been using and modifying for a long time.  It helps me to be sure I am prepared for a trip.  Feel free to e-mail me to make modifications and additions.  Click below for this list in an Excel format.

Right Click the following and choose save to disk for this document in an Excel format.  checklist.xls

Standard Items

Belts   Pocket Knife   Tire Repair Kit  
Ignition System Repair   Hi Lift Jack   CB, Talkabout  
Toilet Paper   Paper Towels, Cotton Towels   Cell Phone w/ charger  
Fuses   Water, Drinking & Cleaning   Pry Bar  
Flares   Hand Cleaner   Gear Oil  
Wire Assortment   Fire Extinguisher   Engine Oil  
Plastic Gloves   Jumper Cables   Duct Tape  
First Aid Kit   Tire Gauge   Elecrical Tape  
U-Bolts   Multi-Meter   Wire Ties  
Hose Clamps   Big Hammer   Bungees  
Baggies   Breaker Bar   Camera, Film  
String   Clevis/Snatch Block   Video Camera  
Matches   Tow Strap/Tree Saver   Misc Nuts & Bolts  
Lighter   Spray Lubricant   Wrenches  
Brake Fluid   Silicone Sealer   Snap Ring Spreader  
U-joints Front Axle/DriveShaft   Vice Grips S L   Gas Can  
Air Hose   Phillips Screw Drivers S L   Sneakers/Boots  
Grease Gun   Reg Screw Drivers S L   Rain Coat/Pants/Hat  
File   Adjustable Wrench S L   Safety Glasses  
Sockets/Ratchets/Extensions   Wire Ends   Trash Bags  
Wire Cutter   Clamps   ½ in. sockets (big sizes)  
Wire Crimper/Electrical Conn.   Shovel   ½ in. extension  
Steering Linkage Parts   Sunglasses   Saw  
Spray Parts Cleaner   Hat/Cap   Locker Air Line  
Extra Keys   Work Gloves   Tarp/Matt  
Pliers Needle/Reg   Wood Blocks   Sunscreen/Bug Repellant  

Winter Additions

Gloves/Hat   Extra Socks   Extra Shoes  
Jacket   Boots   Blanket  




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