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FJ Vehicles History
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The Toyota FJ40 is the model designation for a Toyota Land Cruiser made from 1960 until 1983. Most FJ40 Land Cruisers were built as two-door vehicles with approximately the same dimensions as a Jeep CJ. The model was also available under the BJ40 designation where it had a diesel engine.

  • 1960 - FJ40 launched
  • 1967 - End of FJ45V production (replaced by J55)
  • 1974 - BJ40 launched with a 3 litre 4 cylinder diesel engine
  • 1975 - Disc brakes on the front axle
  • 1979 - Power steering and air conditioning added to the options
  • 1984 - End of J40 series production (replaced by J70 series)
  • 2001 - End of Bandeirante production
  • 2007 - Rebirth of the FJ as the FJ Cruiser


  • The J40/41/42 was a two-door short wheelbase four wheel drive vehicle, with either a soft or a hard-top. It was available with various petrol or diesel (from 1974) engines over its lifetime. It was replaced on most markets in 1984 by the J70 series.
  • The J43 was a two-door medium wheelbase four wheel drive vehicle, with either a soft or a hard-top. It was replaced on most markets in 1984 by the J70 series.
  • The J44/45/47 was a long wheelbase four wheel drive vehicle, available in two or four door hard-top (station wagon) or two door pickup models. The station wagon model (FJ45V) was the shortest-lived of the J40 series, as it was replaced by the J55 in 1967.
  • The Bandeirante was a J40 series built in Brazil by Toyota do Brasil Ltda from 1959-2001. Identical to the J40 in almost every respect, it had a few stylistic modifications to the grille and used a Mercedes-Benz engine for much of its production life.


Over the years Toyota has changed the engines used in the J40 series. Here is a list of some of them (the power and torque figures may vary depending on the market):

Engine Capacity (l) Power (hp) Torque (lb-ft) Used
F 3.8 105/125 189/209 1960-1974
2F 4.2 135 210 1974-1984
H 3.6 90 151 1972-1980
2H 4.0 103 177 1980-1985
Engine Capacity (l) Power (hp) Torque (lb-ft) Used
B 3.0 80 141 1974-1978
2B 3.2 93 159 1979-1981
3B 3.4 90 159 1979-1984
OM314 3.8 85 235 (Bandeirante)
OM364 4.0 90 235 (Bandeirante)


  • Most J40 series vehicles could have their roof and doors removed, and with a folding windscreen this allowed for complete open-air experience.
  • Before c.1973, original factory winches were driven directly from the engine. Later models used an electric winch (a Warn M-8274 4-ton model).
  • It is possible to replace the original Toyota 4- or 6-cylinder engine with an American V8 engine. This modification is offered by numerous garages and restorers in the United States.




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