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Cobra 75 WX ST All-in-handset Mobile CB

The Specifications
All controls, display, speaker integrated into the handset
4 Memory Channels
Key Lock




Outstanding Features of the 75 WX ST:
Feature Benefit
SoundTracker® The first patented technology that dramatically improves the transmission and reception of CB radio signals. The result is a cleaner, clearer sounding CB with more "powerful" transmissions and less static or noise on reception.
40 CB & 10 Weather Channels 10 Weather Channels. Complete access to all 40 Citizen Band Radio channels. 10 National Weather Channels (7 NOAA and 3 International) provide full coverage to keep you informed of weather conditions anywhere you go.
Remote Mount System Remote installation box installs out of sight under your dash and the quick disconnect allows removal of the handpiece for security or use in other vehicles.
Dual Watch and Full Channel Scan Dual Watch allows simultaneous monitoring of any two preselected channels. Full Channel Scan allows you to scan all 40 channels.
Instant Channel 19 Instant access to information Channel 19 with a single switch of a button.
Full-Featured LCD Display Panel All the information you need is provided from this LCD display panel. Choose normal CB channel readout or five digit frequency display.

info source - Cobra website

The Good
This is a great CB for a FJ.  The big difference that separates this CB from the rest is that almost everything is integrated into the handset, channel controls, volume, squelch, and other goodies.  There is a small part that mounts in an inconspicuous location that the handset, antenna, and power supply attach to.  There is provision to attach an external speaker to help increase the sound clarity in a noisy vehicle. 

The Bad
With everything integrated into the handset it's easy to accidentally change channels, change volume, or bump other controls.  The little speaker in the handset is sometimes hard to hear from in a noisy situation, this is easily remedied with an external speaker.  One more thing, the handset can get pretty beat from being dropped and bouncing around the FJ's floor on the trail.  A broken handset with this CB means a new CB is needed.

It is convenient having the controls in the palm of your hand.  It saves from reaching for the volume or squelch.  The CB's Soundtracker feature is nice, it picks up and enhances transmissions and reduces background noise.  The CB's reception and transmission quality is excellent.  A usual overlooked element in CB performance is a quality antenna.  Using a quality antenna tuned appropriately will enable a CB to function to it's best.  For questions on CB antennas see FireStik's online antenna library.


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