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Warn Powerplant Dual Force HP - Winch and Compressor Combination
information provided by Warn

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Best in class on-board air, plus a winch geared to deliver the fast line speeds serious off-roaders demand.

  • 12 CFM @ 0 psi, 5 CFM @ 90 psi air flow rating

  • 100 psi max air pressure

  • 9,500 lbs. maximum rated pull (single line)

  • Fast line speed of 26.9 feet minute (no load), 5.2 feet per minute (at 9,500 lbs. max load) 125 feet of 5/16" wire rope

Warn Part Number 71800

WARN breaks new ground in the off-road world with the PowerPlant Dual Force. It's one space-saving on-board unit. Both a top-end winch, and a high-end air compressor.

Just flip the activator switch to compressor mode and discover the can-do attitude of the PowerPlant. Powered by a 4.6 hp motor, the PowerPlant puts out 5 cfm @ 90 psi, with a built-in air reservoir and intercooler. That translates to airing up four 35" tires from 8 psi to 35 psi in 8 minutes. Or less. And with the PowerPlant, there's no labor-intensive compressor set up: it's part of our standard winch mounting process.

Switch to winch mode and the PowerPlant turns on the latest in legendary WARN winch technology. You get the raw pulling power of our Gen II Series Wound motor. Plus the proven reliability of the 3-stage planetary gear train and a newly designed contactor that's rugged and reliable. In other words, WARN to the rescue, time after time.

PowerPlant comes complete with these accesories: Nylon air hose, hand-held control with thermometric LED, quick connect couplers, tire gauge and dual air chuck.


A - Compressor
High output- 5 CFM @ 90 PSI

B - Intercooler/Air Reservoir
Reduces compressed air temperature. Helps extend the
life of the air hose. 1/2 gallon reservoir helps even air flow

C - Pressure Switch
Limits maximum/minimum air pressure in reservoir

D - Contactor
Sealed and weather resistant. Highly reliable contacts
handle high current and allows for long duty cycles

E - Thermal Protection Switch
Protects motor from overheating

F - Series Wound Motor
Gen II motor delivers the power to drive both the winch and

G - Mechanical Brake
Provides reliable operator control when winching

H - Wire Rope
Long length of 125 feet

I - Air Outlet/Hose Connection
Works with quick-connect coupler

J - Winch Sealing System
Provides superior water resistance

K - 3-Stage Planetary Gear Train
Most reliable and efficient gear reduction system available




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