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Nitto Terra Grappler

Nitto Tire North America, Inc. introduces the new Terra Grappler All Terrain tire, the latest offering from Nitto Tires specifically designed for light trucks and SUVs. With introduction of the Terra Grappler All Terrain tire, Nitto Tire expands its extreme performance tire line-up to encompass your off-pavement needs while maintaining superior on pavement ride and handling.

- An aggressive tread pattern with high-density siping provides excellent traction and handling in snow and slush.
- Two steel belts ensure optimum contact patch both on and off the road.
- Two spiral wound nylon cap plies enhance high-speed stability.

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Review:  These are an all around good tire.  Not suited for heavy mud but excellent traction on trails, hills, and rocks.  Excellent street handling in both rain and snow.

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