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All-Pro FJ Cruiser Rear Differential Armor
Information provided by All Pro Off Road

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When crawling around on the big rocks, one problem some people have encountered is a dented rear differential cover. Now All-Pro has an excellent solution to avoid denting your rear differential cover on your 2007+ FJ Cruiser.

Introducing our Rock Stopper Differential Armor. This unique cover is unlike any other. There are lots of different axle trusses available for Toyota axles but these bolt on items hang down below the axle robbing your truck of valuable ground clearance. The Toyota axle housing is made from some pretty beefy steel (see picture below) and is well gusseted from the factory, but the diff cover is made from thinner 1/8" material and is subject to denting. Minor denting is not a problem but some have pushed the cover into the ring gear resulting in perforation of the cover and oil loss. Our solution is a weld-on outer cover made from 1/4" plate steel. Our cover has two openings in the bottom prevent water and debris from becoming trapped.

Installation is simple and takes about 15 minutes. Drain the oil from the housing. Then hold the armor plate with one hand and tack weld the unit in place. Check to make sure it is properly positioned and does not block access to the fill plug. Then finish welding the unit in place with three, one inch long welds. Then refill the axle with oil and paint the armor.

Have you ever seen a drain plug fall out on the trail? Included with the kit are two, low profile drain plugs. Rocks can hit the corner of hex shaped plugs and cause them to loosen. On the trail the plug works it's way out along with your differential oil. These plugs do not have a hex head and are made with a much thinner top that makes them even harder for rocks to hit. Plugs come with built in magnet. Requires 10mm allen wrench. These plugs are a little easier to install with the armor in place, however stock plugs can still be used.

Unpainted finish, ready to weld on and paint.

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Cross section of stock axle housing

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